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Google AdWords is notable as a compensation for each snap promoting device. This implies each time somebody taps on your commercial, you get charged on the amount you will spend for every snap. Otherwise called cost per click, it changes between various themes. For example, in the event that you are in a market with low rivalry, you could spend anyplace between $.20-$.60 for every snap. In the event that you are in an exceptionally aggressive market, you could spend anywhere in the range of $1.00-$5.00 per click. The key behind Google AdWords and its Google compensation per click publicizing is to pick significant watchwords that not very many organizations are utilizing.

In this Google AdWords Tutorial, we will experience well ordered on the most proficient method to pick the correct watchword for you crusade. To begin with, keeping in mind the end goal to wind up distinctly an effective advertiser, you should recognize what individuals are doing while they are seeking the web. In the event that they are just looking for data, then your notice won't make any benefit. Picking the right catchphrase that will build your arrival on speculation and transformations is fundamental.

Next, to discover your catchphrases, you should utilize Google's Keyword Tool. Here you can look particular watchwords that are significant to your Web webpage. Once the hunt is finished, discover a catchphrase that fits your market that has low rivalry yet high indexed lists. This will get you all the more value for your money and the more probable you will see your promotion crusade on the main page of Google.

The following stride in this Google AdWords instructional exercise is to compose your battle. It is fundamental that you put your catchphrases in your battle. Attempt to persuade individuals to tap on your promotion by utilizing words, for example, Information, Review, Hot, and Sweet and so forth. Making your battle emerge from the rest will produce more navigate and the more potential for an effective exchange.

The last stride in this AdWords instructional exercise is to select the battles that are working the ones that are definitely not. In the event that one of you advertisements is not creating any deals, there is no motivation behind why you ought to have that in you crusade. It will cost you cash and won't profit in any capacity. As opposed to erasing the crusade, delay it, redo it, and attempt it once more. Along these lines you know precisely what is working and what isn't.

At last, there is dependably a business opportunity for any client and it requires some examination and push to make an effective promotion battle. To better comprehend Google AdWords, Double Digit CTR by James Schramko has assembled an entire framework on the best way to pick your catchphrases to your presentation pages. His framework incorporates recordings, cheat sheets, watchword devices, and agendas to better comprehend your market. His framework will lead you on the way to have a successful Google AdWords crusade
The good results regarding social media marketing and advertising lies inside the proper mix involving fruitful strategies. the incorrect mixture will simply lessen the visitors via focused consumers rather than entice them. When anyone devise your own social media strategies for example social media optimization about the basis of existing trends, you can improve earnings and use social networks efficiently for marketing.

Whether you are any multinational organization or a single individual start-up, in the realm of social media you are most on the identical level. Your Current finances and sources might not help to make significantly of your distinction if this will come to always be able to social media. Just what can produce a difference is your skill in order to communicate and also entice individuals and in addition the excellence involving the product as well as solutions that a person simply provide. in the physical world, new start-ups would face immense financial difficulties inside wanting to market themselves, even even though the marketing regarding giant enterprises would always dominate. Social media network offers you a fair playing area to demonstrate the correct spirit as well as skill.

You may well discover new potential customers or perhaps customers.

While reviewing your current feedback associated with viewers you may commence to notice obvious patterns within your enterprise response. Folks from the particular region which you could never have believed involving tend to be showing the great deal of interest within your item are generally your best clients. These types of patterns will also allow one to see a particular untapped markets regarding instagram marketing which you can exploit. An Individual can swiftly move and help to make technique opportunity.

Marketing campaign can be easier to manage along with cost-effective.

Setting up a new social media marketing and advertising marketing campaign requires a lot less effort than actually describing for you to bodily execute a person marketing and advertising campaign with regard to instance setting up banners or even ads etc. so as to have an individual message across. linkedin marketing along with advertising will be relatively simple to manage as well as fairly frequently updated.

Your network grows exponentially.

As more people add to your social network, that they end up becoming the trigger for further people to be component of in. As the people keep adding the particular charge in that individuals are added grows with them. and because the tree branches out, thus will your own business.

People will end up being more receptive in order to Social Media.

People often pay a lot more attention to things about the social media marketing. Your reason being that people believe that compared for you to twitter marketing along with advertising provides no political agenda at the actual rear of the data or the existence involving any large corporation wanting to offer his or her products. This is just people sharing his or her knowledge as well as opinions. therefore individuals tend to spend much more attention to social media posts and thus are much more relying on these as against specialized advertisements. Folks frequently check their own social media feeds pertaining to posts that their own family and also friends make, there a person are, proper within in between all their posts along using your most recent information or perhaps promotion. The Actual visitors are sure to give consideration from what you have tried to communicate after which forward the news with their acquaintances and also the message will spread exponentially.

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You know, you lose your keys, you call a locksmith.

Quand tu perds tes clefs, tu appelles un serrurier.

The locksmith, when someone's lost their keys.

Un serrurier, quand quelqu'un a perdu ses cl

Selecting a video surveillance system will depend, in part, on the nature of your home: size, layout, number of possible entry points, etc. Before purchasing a video surveillance system, figure out exactly why you need this technology and where you'd like to have the cameras mounted.

But one thing's for sure; no matter how many cameras you have, they must be able to provide a good view of prominent areas like rooftops, attics, doorways and other locations where intruders can gain entry or hide.

Another thing to consider is the hidden camera, if you want to build evidence, not just deter an intruder. For instance, who keeps stealing your milk? One homeowner wanted to find out who kept taking off with his freshly delivered milk every morning. The hidden surveillance recorded the thief in action: the neighbor's dog.

A camera in plain sight, though, is a very effective deterrent to potential intruders and vandals.

Box camera. Nothing fancy here, but this style is very practical and cost-effective, some with the capacity for interchangeable lenses. They're perhaps the most commonly used.

Dome camera. Some makes have interchangeable lenses, and this type can be easily mounted in many locations and are not as bulky as the box type.

Bullet camera. This style can vary greatly in size, are good deterrents simply by Security Products their look, and can come with the interchangeable Alarm Systems lens option.

PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) come with more monitoring and installation choices, including a panoramic view just from a single unit. Most are remote-controlled.

Indoor and outdoor cameras differ, mainly in that outdoor cameras are bigger and tougher to withstand tampering as well as the elements. However, nowadays higher-end cameras can function for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Also, some outdoor cameras can be disguised as common items like a hose reel or a rock.

Wired or wireless? No matter what, your camera will need a wire. That wire may be "cat5" which is an internet cable also know as a "networked camera". Or, the camera will need a power cable to plug into an outlet or hardwired back to a panel. Otherwise wired cameras are generally considered "analog" which means the video signal travels through the cable itself back to a digital video recorder. So one way or another, you have to have wires.

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Strategies To Help You And Your Child Survive Homework

by: Linda Bress Silbert, Ph.D. And Alvin J. Silbert, Ed.D.

Is homework wreaking havoc in your home? If the answer is YES, then finding the real causes behind the homework problems, and taking steps to resolve them, will improve both school success and family harmony.

How do we know? Homework is the single biggest issue affecting home life, according to many of the parents who bring their children to us at STRONG Learning Centers.

Here are the ten most common causes of homework problems, along with suggestions to help you resolve them.


If the homework is continuously too difficult, with everything that entails, then a child will try to avoid it. Look into the cause. Begin by having a conversation with the teacher. If the problem is class-wide, hopefully the teacher will evaluate and adjust the nature of his or her homework assignments. If the problem is limited to your child, she may require additional help from the teacher after school, from you, from a sibling, from a teenager you hire, or from a tutor. If this fails to resolve the issue, then a reevaluation of the type of class, or course level, or teaching vs. learning style, or school may be in order.

On the other hand, the cause of the problem may be a disability: physical, learning and/or attentional. Your child may have difficulty in such areas as: hearing, seeing, reading, processing language, or writing, or she may have ADD or ADHD. If the problem is one of these, sometimes it is easy to resolve. For example, corrective glasses can easily resolve some seeing issues and behavioral therapy and/or possibly medication might help AD/HD, the newer term for the disorder. In many cases, consulting teachers, counselors, or specialists in the appropriate field, might be in order.

Note: If you suspect AD/HD, a valuable resource is CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder organization). For information on the learning disability (LD) issue in general, contact the Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA).


When children chronically complain that assignments or directions are confusing, they are likely to become frustrated and/or anxious, eventually avoiding such assignments. Parents usually respond to these children by asking, "Weren't you listening?" Or "Just read the directions!" The children were listening or reading, but they may not have been able to process the information.

In this case, the cause may be reading comprehension and/or language processing problems. You may need to seek the help of teachers or a learning specialist to help your child learn strategies she can use to overcome or compensate for her disability. For example, she may need to put the words into pictures or graphic organizers. Children who become confused due to problems with language processing, do better when they can see things visually.

And, regardless of who is working with them, be sure they remain actively involved. Children (and adults too) are notorious for shaking their heads "yes" when asked "Do you understand?" even when they don't understand. Sometimes they are just yessing you and sometimes they think they understand. However, when you ask them to explain or discuss what you were just talking about, they realize that they really dont understand.

If neither of these areas are the cause of the problem, then you may need to investigate why your child continues to complain. If it turns out it is simply a ploy to get you to do the work with him, then you need to address the reason for that behavior. But wait before you get annoyed, remember what it was like for you when you were a child. Homework isn't always fun, and sometimes it's nice to have a little company. Your child may simply want your company during homework time. Wow! How's that for the ultimate compliment?


Sometimes homework assignments are low-quality boring busywork and Kids Headphones children will avoid them simply because they don't want to do them. Unfortunately, one of life's little lessons that children need to learn is that sometimes we simply have to do boring things. If, however, every assignment appears to be dull, too easy, or too low-quality, you may need to talk to your child's teacher to determine the purpose of the assignments. Many teachers do not realize how some of the assignments are coming across to the children; chances are they will appreciate the feedback and adjust the work as appropriate.


He brings home the book and forgets the assignment. He brings home the assignment and forgets the book. Or he forgets the assignment and the book. Does this sound familiar? If so, it sounds like you've got yourself a disorganized child. The same is true for children who cant judge time or can't manage their time. They may have the best intentions to get the homework done, but somehow it gets lost in their time-maze.

It is so difficult for disorganized children to get their homework done that some of them would rather lie, insisting that there is no homework, than be criticized and punished. If poor organizational skills seems to be the issue, there are many books and articles that offer great strategies to help the disorganized child. See, for example, pp 123-127 in Why Bad Grades Happen to Good Kids.


It's a fact; homework cuts into playtime. So what's the problem? The problem is that in some cases homework time creeps up to the point of consuming the home lives of the children and sometimes that of the family as well. Besides the obvious down side, this may be harmful to children's intellectual development. Their brains are developing and they need to use all parts, and good quality play provides opportunities to use the "far corners" of the brain that might otherwise remain fallow. So, it turns out that children need to play. Surprisingly, brain research indicates that occasional boredom is good, too, as it forces children to think of things to do that is, to use their brains to create.

So if homework time seems to have taken over your home, work out a schedule with your child so that he doesn't have to lie in order to play.


Some parents are overly involved in their child's homework. Here are the three most common types, all of whom tend to drive their children toward lying and deception. If any of these describe you, then work to change your behavior.

A. The "perfectionist parents." Perfectionists demand picture-perfect-homework. Their children hate to let them see their homework papers out of fear that they will judge the work unworthy, tear it up, and make them do it again. Besides being tedious and time demanding, in these extreme cases it is downright disrespectful of the child.

B. The "helicopter parents." These parents hover over their children, making sure that every "t" is crossed and every "i" is dotted. They think they're being helpful, but here's the problem: By not giving their children any breathing room, they are delivering the tacit message that their children are not capable of doing the work themselves. Not only does this harm their self-esteem, but it also denies them the opportunity of taking responsibility for their own work.

C. The "Pandora parents." The children of Pandora parents tend to deny the existence of any homework they don't understand because asking Mom or Dad even the simplest question is tantamount to opening Pandora's box. Their well-meaning parents can't contain their enthusiasm and turn what would ordinary require a short answer into a long-winded treatise on some esoteric detail.


Most children don't want to do homework. But while they may put up quite a fuss, somehow they manage to get the work done. If they don't, motivation may not be the problem; they may appear unmotivated, but this may be a convincing protective screen they've set up to mask a larger issue.

For example, many children appear unmotivated when in fact they avoid homework to protect their egos. How's that? Because these children erroneously equate failure with stupidity. Their logic is as follows: If they try and fail, it is a reflection of their intelligence. If they don't try and fail, it is not a reflection of their intelligence; it is due to lack of motivation or irresponsibility. These labels they can live with; the label "stupid," they can't!


Many kids simply cannot keep up with the projects, tests, quizzes, reading and other assignments they are given.

Here is a general guide for the typical amount of time children should be expected to spend on homework each school day. Grades K-2, about 10-20 minutes. Grades 3-6, about 30-60 minutes. Grades 7-12 will vary considerably, depending on subjects, projects due, tests, etc., but a reasonable average is about two hours, with more on weekends, as needed, for major projects and exams.

If your child spends considerably more than this on homework, look into the cause. Begin by having a conversation with the teacher. If the problem is class-wide, hopefully the teacher will make adjustments. If the problem is limited to your child because your child works slowly, or has other issues discussed in this section, talk to his teacher and see what can be done to modify his assignments.


Many kids complain that they can't concentrate at home. Their siblings are running around, TVs and music systems are blaring, someone's on the phone, people are fighting, the dog is barking, the baby is crying. I don't know about you, but I need quiet to do work that requires thinking. Closed bedroom doors don't help much, as the muffled sounds of chaos always manage to get through.

Here is an idealistic solution. Even if it can't be carried out fully, at least it is something to aim for. As a family, consider designating a block of time as quiet time. Normal living continues, but more quietly than usual. Kids can use the time to do homework; parents can read, balance the checkbook, and write e-mails; those who have time to watch television can do so with headphones or Kids Headphones the sound turned low. Sometimes quiet sounds pretty good, doesn't it?


Some children are lonely when required to do homework in their rooms, and don't work efficiently in that setting. Some need continuous support and direction. That is, they need someone to help them stay on task or to provide a little assistance when they get stuck. If required to work alone in their rooms, these are the kids who emerge three hours later with little or nothing accomplished. Both groups of children tend to prefer doing homework on the kitchen table. This way they have people around them, either for support or company.

So, if homework causes chaos in your home, look into the reasons. Once you find them, and do what you need to resolve the problems, you'll be back on the road to school success and family harmony.

(Originally published at the Strong Learning website and reprinted with permission of the authors, Linda Bress Silbert, Ph.D. and Alvin J. Silbert, Ed.D.)
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Disability Fraud Penalties

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Social Security Disability Fraud

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Social Security Disability Explained

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El pasado sbado 23 de febrero el dominico-boricua Marcos 'El Tigre' Jimnez se enfrent al puertorriqueo Mario Santiago (ex contendor al ttulo mundial) derrotndolo por nocaut tcnico en 9 asaltos.

Antes de dicho encuentro "El Tigre" Jimnez vena de sufrir 2 derrotas consecutivas ante los prospectos Diego Magdaleno y Carlos Molina. Ante ese cuadro negativo Jimnez estaba obligado a derrotar a Santiago, de lo contrario su permanencia en el boxeo pudiera haber sido 'cuesta arriba'.

En entrevista que nos concediera, Jimnez nos habl sobre las derrotas que sufriera ante Magdaleno y Molina y su sentir sobre el rumbo que podra tomar su carrera pugilstica de ahora en adelante.

marcos jimenezeliab pachecouniversal promotions

Teniendo en cuenta que venas de dos reveses en lnea, qu te motiv volver a combatir?

Como tu dices, vena de dos derrotas, pero me motiv que la gente me paraba en la calle y me preguntaban cundo iba a pelear y decid regarlarle ese triunfo al pueblo dominicano y boricua que tanto respaldo me ha dado en mi carrera profesional y como aficionado tambin.

Cmo trabajaste el aspecto mental para 'botar el golpe' de esas derrotas?

Yo creo que fue la preparacin que hicimos en el gimnasio y en la carrera. Fue clave los guanteos donde 'Junito' Seda me ayud para esa pelea. Y los guanteos fuertes creo que me dio la confianza y la condicin para trabajar mentalmente.

Estabas consciente que de sufrir una tercera derrota seguida pudiera haber sido tu retirada del boxeo?

Sabamos que Mario era un boxeador muy fuerte, un gran peleador y un gran atleta. Entendamos que esa pelea iba a ser fuerte, pero estbamos consciente que fuera como sea tenamos que ganar, sea decisin o nocaut, porque mi mente me deca que no poda perder.

Hblanos del combate contra Santiago, consideras que fue un digno rival?

Un rival bastante fuerte, le doy los mritos. Y le agradezco, igual que a 'Universal Promotions', a Bustillo y a su equipo de trabajo que me dio la oportunidad, pens en mi y me dio la oportunidad de pelear con Mario Santiago que es un gran atleta y un gran campen. Lo respeto, un muchacho bien dedicado y sabamos que la pelea iba a ser bastante fuerte y as mismo fue. Siempre dije que iba a guerrear desde que sonara la campana porque no iba a dejar que me ganara.

En algn momento dudaste que podas vencerlo?

No, por mi mente nunca pas ese aspecto porque la condicin y la preparacin que nosotros habamos trabajado era para 10 asaltos. La estrategia era meter presin desde el primero hasta que se acabara la pelea.

Te sentas presionado al estar peleando en la 'casa' de Santiago?

No, al contrario, me senta muy bien. Senta que la presin la tena l, estaba peleando frente a su pblico y tena que lucir bien. Hizo todo lo que pudo porque intent llevarse la victoria. Intent acaparar mi estilo, de vencerme, pero la condicin y la preparacin, tanto mental como fsica fue bastante bien. Todo mi grupo de trabajo, que incluye a Freddie Trinidad, trabajamos muy fuerte para esa pelea.

Aunque el ponceo no es un noqueador fulminante, llegaste a sentir sus golpes?

No, en ningn momento los sent, pero fsicamente es bastante fuerte y muchas veces me conect varios golpes buenos, pero como te dije la condicin era excelente. Sabamos a qu estilo nos bamos a enfrentar y a que peleador.

Ahora que tu carrera ha tomado un 'segundo aire', Qu esperas que suceda?

Esperamos descansar por lo menos dos semanas, ir al gimnasio rapidito para ver que nos depara el futuro. A ver si hacemos una peleta suave para soltar un poco los golpes, porque la pelea fue fuerte y esperar la oportunidad de pelear por un ttulo mundial. Me sentar con mi equipo de trabajo y ellos dirn cundo ser la prxima pelea.


Edwin Valero

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Reportes de medios electrnicos como radio y televisin local anunciaron que el campen invicto de Estados Unidos <a href="http://voces.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/01/mayweather-ingresa-a-la-carcel_n_1563175.html?ref=boxeo" target="_hplink">Floyd Mayweather Jr.</a> ingres este viernes en una prisin estatal de Las Vegas, Nevada, donde cumplir una condena de tres meses por haber sido encontrado culpable de violencia domstica.

Edwin Valero suicidioJuicio 'La Hiena' Barrios

Momentos de su detencin y consignacin.

Video Del Cuerpo de Edwin El Inca Valero En La Carcel Muerto

El Video Lo Pueden Ver Por Esta Pagina www.quelacreo.com A la 1:30 de la madrugada de hoy, fue hallado el cuerpo sin vida del boxeador Edwin "Inca" Valero en los calabozos de la Polica de Carabobo, quien fue detenido el da de ayer por haber asesinado a su esposa Jennifer Carolina de Valero, as lo inform el director del Cicpc edwin valero muere

Chisora y David Haye

New, exclusive and unseen footage of the David Haye and Dereck Chisora fight... See another video here - www.youtube.com DAVID HAYE remains wanted by police and Dereck Chisora has been called before the British Boxing Board of Control after their shocking press conference brawl in Munich on Saturday. Haye's whereabouts are still unknown as German detectives seek to question him about his role in the incident. He broke his silence in a statement yesterday but stopped short of apologising for his actions, which included punching Chisora with a fist holding a glass bottle and swinging a camera tripod at Chisora's trainer's head. Chisora, who slapped Vitali Klitschko ahead of Saturday's WBC heavyweight title defeat and scrapped with Haye after the bout, was arrested by German police before being questioned and released.Chisora "wholeheartedly apologised" for his "inexcusable" actions, which also saw him spit water in the face of Klitschko's brother Wladimir and threaten to "shoot" Haye during the post-fight melee. In a statement, British Boxing Board of Control secretary Robert Smith confirmed Chisora will appear before stewards on March 14 "with regard to his behaviour prior, during and after" his loss to Klitschko. Haye is not currently answerable to the Board, having relinquished his licence in October when he officially retired. However, he would need to re-apply if he wanted to fight again. Munich Police reiterated their desire to speak to the former WBA heavyweight <b>...</b>

Bernard Hopkins

En 1983, tras nueve delitos graves - entre los que figuraban intentos de asesinato y robos a mano armada - fue metido en la correccional, permaneci ah cinco aos. Tras 5 aos en la crcel y salir en 1988, decidi dar un cambio radical a su vida. Descripcin video: A tribute to the true underdog story of Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins. A modern day Rocky Balboa captivated the boxing world by storm and sealed his legacy as one of if not the best middleweight in the history of the sport. This is a tribute El Clasico live stream I made that follows his journey to boxing royalty from rags to riches and living proof that people can overcome adversity and beat the odds. (DONT FORGET TO RATE / FAVORITE) (I do not profit or claim ownership of any footage or audio. All rights and copyright are reserved to their respective owners)

Bernard Hopkins Life Story

Descripcin del vdeo: free-full-documentaries.blogspot.com Use our free site to download the full version of Bernard Hopkins life story or instantly stream it. Bernard hopkins went from prison inmate to one of the greatest boxers that ever lived.

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter (1995)

En una ocasin estaba bebiendo en un bar con un amigo, una patrulla los detuvo, y sin interrogarlos fueron llevados detenidos como sospechosos de un triple asesinato ocurrido en un bar cercano. Ese mismo ao lo juzgaron junto a su amigo John Artis, en un juicio lleno de prejuicios raciales, condenndolos a tres cadenas perpetuas. Este caso se manej con un perfil muy bajo para que no saliera a la luz, hasta que Bob Dylan en el ao 1975 escribi la cancin Hurricane a modo de protesta para denunciar este injusto episodio. Y as fue como el pueblo negro se lanz a las calles, y tras recibir el apoyo de importantes lderes de la comunidad negra, en noviembre de 1985 se le dio la oportunidad de presentar nuevas pruebas para demostrar su inocencia. Durante el nuevo juicio, se reconocieron claros elementos de racismo durante el proceso penal. Se comprob la corrupcin de la fuerza policial y se verific que se coercionaron declaraciones y se manipularon pruebas. El juez, ante la evidencia le concedi la libertad inmediatamente. Descripcin del video: Rubin Carter gave this passionate speech at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. In 1966, at the height of his boxing career, Carter was wrongly convicted -- twice - of a triple murder and imprisoned for nearly 20 years. He was given an honourary championship title belt in 1993 by the World Boxing Council. He also served as director of the Association in Defense of the Wrongfully Convicted.

Sonny Liston

Entr en 62 ocasiones a la crcel. Desde violencia domestica, peleas callejeras hasta asuntos relacionados con drogas. Descripcin del vdeo: Sonny liston fights skin head in jail

Muhammad Ali

En 1967, rechaz incorporarse al ejrcito estadounidense apelando a sus creencias religiosas y a su oposicin a la Guerra de Vietnam. Fue arrestado y declarado culpable de evasin del servicio militar, despojado de su ttulo de boxeo y suspendida su licencia de boxeador. No fue encarcelado, pero no volvi a pelear en casi cuatro aos mientras su apelacin llegaba al Tribunal Supremo, donde fue finalmente admitida. Descripcin del vdeo: Muhammad Ali: Went to jail rather than be drafted for war. Boxer Muhammad Ali went to jail rather than be drafted in the US Army to fight in Vietnam: "My conscious won't let me go shoot my brother, or some darker people, or some poor hungry people in the mud for big powerful America. And shoot them for what? They never called me nigger, they never lynched me, they didn't put no dogs on me, they didn't rob me of my nationality, rape and kill my mother and father... Shoot them for what? ...How can I shoot them poor people, Just take me to jail." What Muhammad Ali said about the Vietnam War could be applied just as much to the wars Barack Obama is fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere, and the wars he is threatening to start in Iran and Syria. . Muhammad Ali Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr Boxer Philanthropist Social Activist Icon World Heavyweight Championship Conscripted US military Vietnam War Viet Cong Antiwar Martin Luther King Johnson Administration Civil Rights Movement African-American Black History Month African Diaspora Racial Segregation Discrimination War Draft Evasion Stripped Title License Supreme Court The Greatest Joe Frazier George Foreman Sonny Liston Boxing Float Like A Butterfly Sting Like A Bee Shuffle Rope-a-dope

Carlos Monzn

Ingreso a prisin por el homicidio de su esposa Alicia Muiz. Descripcin del vdeo: Archivo difilm reportaje a Carlos Monzon C.

Jake LaMotta

A los 16 aos entr al reformatorio por robo. Ah empez a boxear, pues era el encargardo del gimnasio. Descripcin del vdeo: jake lamotta(folsom prison blues) another video ive made about the raging bull jake lamotta hope you like it.

Mike Tyson

Cumpli una pena de tres aos de prisin por violar a la joven Desiree Washington, de 18 aos, en 1992. En este vdeo se v a El Clasico live stream Tyson arrestado por golpear a un Paparazzi. Descripcin del vdeo: Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Watch The LARGEST Online News Show at www.theyoungturks.com TYT Network channels TYT Interviews www.youtube.com TYT Sports: www.youtube.com The Top Vlog: www.youtube.com What The Flick?! Show: www.youtube.com New TYT Facebook Page(!): www.facebook.com Subscribe to the FREE Video Podcast on iTunes: bit.ly Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com www.theyoungturks.com DISCOUNTS: www.theyoungturks.com FREE Movies(!): www.netflix.com Note: The above two links are for TYT sponsors. Read Ana's blog and subscribe at: www.examiner.com Read Cenk's blog and subscribe at: www.huffingtonpost.com Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor battery after laying into a paparazzi photographer at LAX last night. He was released at about 11:30 pmET. From TMZ: We're told Tyson was at a ticket counter at the United Airlines terminal when the incident occurred. The photographer got punched in the face, hit the ground, got up and began walking, leaving a trail of blood. An LAPD spokesperson said the photographer suffered a minor laceration to the forehead. Someone at the scene tells TMZ ... the photographer got very close to Tyson before the boxer struck him. Our says there's blood on the ground and Mike was taken away in a squad car. We're told an ambulance was dispatched at 4:39 PM to LAX and the paparazzo was transported to a local hospital. Cops say Tyson and the photographer performed citizen's arrests on each other -- both <b>...</b>

Jos Pipino Cuevas

Cumpli tres meses de condena en la Ciudad de Mxico por el delito de peculado en el 2000. Otros boxeadores que tambin han pisado la crcel fueron: * Jess Matador Chvez Antes del boxeo estuvo preso en Illinois, por robo a mano armada * Diego Corrales Entr a prisin en el 2001 por violencia domestica. Ingres justo despus de perder ante Floyd Mayweather. La condena dur un ao y dos meses.

Alfredo 'El Perro' Angulo, durante su participacin en los Juegos Panamericanos de 2003. El boxeador mexicano Alfredo Angulo libra una dura batalla desde el pasado 18 de mayo con las autoridades migratorias estadounidenses, desde el 18 de enero est detenido en un centro para migrantes en El Centro, California, y no sabe cundo podr salir.

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